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Gallo-Winds Pet Dryer Order Form

Please complete the form below to order your pet dryers.
We do not accept Credit Cards over the Internet at the present time.
Once you have placed your order, we will contact you for billing instructions.
Delivery time is currently 7 business days.

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Model 38  Enter Qty -    $589.00 ea. + s&h 
Model 40-3  Enter Qty -    $1029.00 ea. + s&h
Model 60  Enter Qty -    $779.00 ea. + s&h
Model 60-2  Enter Qty -    $769.00 ea. + s&h
Model 60-FT  Enter Qty -    $749.00 ea. + s&h
 Model 80-2  Enter Qty -    $1069.00 ea. + s&h

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