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Important Notice:
Our Gallo-Winds Pet Dryers have an increase in price as of September 1st.
The increase is due to prices of the Stainless Steel we use for the housings.
We are dedicated to continue building the highest quality Pet Dryers in
the industry therefore we will not use lower quality materials to build them.

The "LANGE" legacy of Dryer Excellence lives on!

Model 38 Model 40-3 Model 60 Model 60-2 Model 60 FT Model 80-2
Now you get the same great pet dryer service, quality and durability with the
"Gallo-Winds" series of forced air dryers from Breeze Industries.
We vow to keep bringing you all the great features of the
"Lange" top of the line pet dryers.

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Forced Air Dryers

Pet Dryer Service & Repairs

Breeze Industries now services all manufacturers pet dryers!
Just like the Lange and Gallo-Winds dryer repairs, you can expect fast,
cost effective repair service from our well trained staff on any type of Pet Dryer.
When repairing Lange or Gallo-Winds dryers, we suggest only using original
manufacturer parts to ensure the quality remains in the product.
We're now in the process of developing Authorized
Lange/Gallo-Winds Service Centers across the country.
Contact Us for more details about our Dryer Services.

The new & improved filter systems are here!
Keep your Lange or Gallo-Winds dryer running cleaner and longer with
the new 3 stage filter systems from Breeze Industries.

Replace the old filter in minutes with our exact fit filters. These new filters
have replaceable pads and screens to reduce maintenance costs!
Click here for more information on our upgraded pet dryer filters.



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